Zte First Android Tablet Zte Light V9

ZTE Light released in 2011 CES

At the beginning in 2011, the annual CES in Las Vegas opened once again. Integration of the latest products, technologies, applications, CES can be seen as the benchmark of 2011s communications industry, where you can see the most concerned products like the smart phones, tablet PCs and other fresh products, but from where you also can learn about the field of communication The latest technology, and its future application in life. I went to CES2011 venue to bring live pictures & the latest news for you.

ZTE announced its first 7-inch tablet phone equipped with Android smart operating system ZTE Light (V9), and here are the real pictures photographed on the spot. let us look at the tablet model together

In the hot environment of tablets, ZTE has also released its first tablet model ZTE Light V9, but it also supports standard GSM and WCDMA networks, the phone call function can be achieved. In addition, it has a 30 million pixel camera in the front and a 300 million pixel camera on the back, video calls can also be available ZTE Light equipped with a current second new Android operating system, and supports GPS / WIFI and some major functions and applications

ZTE didn’t exactly manage to impress with its low-cost ZTE Racer Android handset, but the company’s now back with yet another Android device: the 7-inch ZTE Light tablet. Not a ton in the way of surprises here, as you might expect, but the V9 tablet does cover all the basics with Android 2.1, WiFi and 3G connectivity, built-in GPS, an SD card slot for expansion, and a promised ten hours of battery life — along with what appears to be a custom Android skin

The big difference between ZTE Light Tab and other common tablets is that it could be used as a smart phone. You could use it dial and receive calls.

Lets get a ZTE Light then enjoy the fun it brings.

Features Of Samsung Galaxy S2 Phone

As we all know Samsung Galaxy S2 phone has reached the foremost position in the market more than ever. The major cause for this success is due to its modernized features. When you look into its features, it is sure you will be amazed by the way it performs. The 4.27 Super Amoled plus technology makes the superior quality of the display and the dazzling colours make it much attractive. The latest 2.3 Android Gingerbread Operating System leaves the phone much user friendly and the touch screen is highly responsive with the Touch Wiz 4.0.

Samsung Galaxy S2 phone comes with 1.2 GHz cortex A9 dual core processor, ensuring for a high speed multi tasking. It is supported by 1 GB RAM and a 32 GB storage slot. You are also provided with a MicroSD slot for an additional storage capacity up to 48 GB. One of the predominant features of Galaxy S2 is the Live Panel. It is the layout of the applications that you use more frequently such as music, photos, games, email, etc on the main screen. Moreover, you can customize this application however you desire.

Do you read books and magazines often? Then no doubt, Samsung Galaxy S2 will be your favourite. The Readers Hub application has an eBook reader, where you can choose and read through a range of 2 million books. There are about 2500 magazines in 20 different languages and 2000 newspapers in 47 languages. You would feel comfortable reading the books without any eye strain. Web browsing is made easy with the high speed OS and Wi-Fi connectivity. Just by typing the keywords on the search engine, you will have a keen search on what you require most. With the advanced adobe flash player, pictures and videos have a superior quality.

The 8 megapixel camera is something brilliant, where you need not change the focus of the lens with the auto focus function. With the LED flash light you will have a great picture quality even in low light conditions. You have a Game Hub application to download all the high quality games. The HD Recording feature allows you to record and playback videos in a full HD quality with a 1080p camcorder. The audio of this phone is good and much louder. The Say N Go is again a brilliant application, through which you can execute all the functions just by a voice command.

New Samsung Tabloid, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Will Be Soon Available Under Lucrative Deals!

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 will add new glory in the history of Samsung’s reputation. The new tabloid is not announced publicly but there are rumours in air that it will be soon reaching to the world market. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is getting very positive response through out the world since it’s on sales. Samsung has given a very amazing device to people and added a completely innovative electronic gadget in the long range of hi-tech electronic appliances.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 deals are in their preparation phase and as the release date of Tab will be revealed in the market, networks will also raise the curtain over the deals provided over Tab 2. At the beginning, the device will be available as Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 contract device. Presently, it is quite difficult to say that new Tab 2 will also be a hybrid of a tabloid and a mobile phone. A very few leaked specifications of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 are available on the internet. In fact, Samsung has not displayed Tab 2 on its commercial website yet. But some of leaked specifications of Tab 2 give an insight that it will be having a 10.1 inches wide Super AMOLED touchscreen display. It has got software base of Android v2.2(Froyo) that can be further replaced by Android v2.3 (Honeycomb). The latest version of Android is getting limelight for providing 3D viewing experience.

Moreover, Tab 2 has got only one snapper on its back of resolution capacity of 8MP and accompanied by dual LED flash. In addition to these main features, it encapsulates a multimedia player, SNS integration, internet connectivity, 1GB RAM, 64GB internal memory storage and many more. We can expect that the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 will be twice powerful than Samsung Galaxy Tab. To have this amazing device in your handset just wait for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 deals. Probably, there you can get a cheap Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 with added benefits.

android-tablet-pc7What is a Lenovo Tablet

As opposed to a laptop or netbook, you don’t genuinely need a flat surface or table to use these units. Hold the system in 1 hand and use the pen in the other. They are straightforward to use when sitting down or standing up.

Several of these units are going to develop into examining devices. There are by now many favorite e-book reading gadgets that are out. A tablet computer system can function as this and a laptop at the same time simplifying the range of gadgets in your everyday living.ng.

For media such as motion pictures or television shows, a tablet pc is a good system to have. Seeing that they are definitely in huge display screen format like a piece of paper is shaped, it functions effectively sideways to view your reveals and films.

Tablet Personal computer is a combo of a laptop computer and PDA that delivers each usefulness and reliability. It is deemed as one of the ideal products for business pros, pupils and people, who wanted to be on the net, enjoy films and examine emails even not having access to a desktop or laptop. Having said that, these gadgets are not that low-priced, and it is but all-natural to expend enough time to opt for the most effective tablet Personal computer that suits your demands and way of life. This document will be showing you some of the most essential elements that you want to look at when looking for the best tablet Pc to obtain.

Random accessibility memory is a part of a pc that permits you to do elements at a certain degree of ease. The far more memory a personal computer has, the easier it will be for the person to multi-endeavor. When picking out for the most effective tablet computer system, the to begin with and most significant factor that you need to have to look at is the amount of RAM that the laptop has. Whilst this can charge a bit much more in comparison to computer systems with decrease RAM, this will ensure that you get the effectiveness comparable to desktops.

The battery life will need to also be considered when selecting a tablet. If you will be applying it for browsing the website or for presentation, it would be superior to select the one particular that has ample battery supply. A normal tablet can be utilized constantly for 4 hours previously working out of battery. This would be plenty of if you are going to use the tablet for short travels, but there are some that can give extended battery lifestyle.

Obtaining a higher-driven RAM and extended battery life will be useless if you don’t have a viable processing ability and working systems. Conduct a homework to locate the very best tablet simply because this will aid you come across extra about the unique manufacturers and models of tablets that have greater processing energy. Stability, power, velocity, and life are the 4 factors that will need to be considered, and this will assist you discover the best tablet Computer that suits your demands and life-style.

If you want to know a lot more about the different specs of distinct tablets, then you can use the Web to search for far more info. There are a great deal of websites that are presenting intensive critiques of the ideal tablet PCs.

Google Android Tablet PC #link#

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How To Play Blu-ray Movies With Xbmc

While XBMC functions very well as a standard media player application for your computer, it has been designed to be the perfect companion for your HTPC. Supporting an almost endless range of remote controls, and combined with its beautiful interface and powerful skinning engine, XBMC feels very natural to use from the couch and is the ideal solution for your home theater. The free multimedia player XBMC is much favored by Xbox owners, especially for its wide range of video and audio codec. (Click for detailed guide of Play Blu-ray Movies on XBOX 360)

However, XBMC does not naturally support original Blu-ray playback. By Blu-ray here I mean commercial blu-ray discs which are copy-protected. In fact no other than authorized BD players should be able to play commercial blu-ray discs. This is not an issue of codec; its about the copy-protections. Besides, XBMC need C/C++ open source software libraries for all of these things to fully support Blu-ray playback. However, there is not yet any C/C++ open source software out there yet capable of fully playing back Blu-ray. In order to play blu-ray with XBMC, you have to crack the BD copy protections including AACS (up to MKBv17), BD+, region code restrictions, etc. Now lets see what can be done to make XBMC play Blu-ray movies and how to enjoy Blu-ray movies from your HDTV by accessing media in your XBMC media center. Note that you must have a BD drive in the first place to support blu-ray playback.

Solution 1. Rip blu-ray to XBMC friendly HD video formats with Pavtube Ultimate Blu-ray Ripping Software.
Ripping blu-ray movie is the first solution I’d like to recommend. You rip it once and for all. Here youre encouraged to have a try with Pavtube Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate, which is an all-in-one Blu-ray ripping, DVD ripping and video converting software. The app can decrypt/convert/rip Blu-ray disc to 1080p HD videos of various video formats, such as HD WMV, MKV, MP4, MOV, TS, and AVI.

Step 1. Install and launch the Blu-ray ripper app, and click BD/DVD Folder to load blu-ray disc from BD drive.
Step 2. Click on the Format bar, follow HD row and choose a desired output format for XBMC. For instance, HD>> WMV HD (*.wmv).

Step 3. Choose subtitle and audio track for the blu-ray movie. Select a title youd like to rip, then decide which sub and audio track youd like to keep. Forced subtitles are available, too.
Step 4. Click Convert to start ripping blu-ray movies to XBMC. When the process is finished, you can click Open to get converted video in output destination folder.

Solution 2. Play blu-ray movie streams from ripped BDMV folders.
If you dont want just the WMV/MKV/MP4 versions, but rather have access to the whole menus of the Blu-ray complete RIP (with BDMV folder), the above mentioned Pavtube Ultimate Blu-ray Ripping Software can still achieve the task. Just load the blu-ray disc to the app and click Full Disk Copy to full back up blu-ray movie to hard drive with menus. Follow drive>> BDMV>> STREAMS to find uncompressed M2TS streams when youd like to play the blu-ray clips in XBMC.

Solution 3. Enable external player to watch blu-ray with Xbox Media Center
This solution goes with PowerDVD, an approved program that is able to play Blu-ray out of the box on a PC. You can launch an external player for XBMC based on type relatively easy just like Media portal. Enable PowerDVD as external player in XBMC and then you can open Blu Ray discs in XBMC from BD drive. Find details in Wiki How to use an external player in XBMC.

Why It Helps When You Have Android Application Engineer Certifications Basic

The Android Application Engineer Certifications Basic is necessary for the professionals who want to be proficient in this field. The appearance in the exam allows you to be even more capable of doing your task of getting knowledge of this kind. The more you get this type of knowledge, the merrier you will be as you will get advancements in your career. The people around will think of you as a professional of the field and the test whose code is OA0-002 will move you towards even more proficiency around.

The fastest way to pass the exam is through taking recourse to websites that are providing to the students with questions and their professional answers over the websites. You may purchase a set of these questions so that to make it sure that you easily get through the exam OA0-002 without much trouble. The exam Android Application Engineer Certifications Basic is actually subject to provide you with better facilities of career growth in future and this is the fastest and easiest way to pass the exam.

The Android Application Engineer Certifications Basic proves that you have proper knowledge in the Android related software and hardware and you are professional of the field. The OA0-002 test also proves that you are much better than the other people around who are doing their jobs. Although you have to pay for the important questions, yet the things will not be heavier on your pocket- the benefits of the certification are sure to help you in the near future. The certification will make you a professional and you are sure to get a better job in future.

The job specification requires you to get certain that you have better job prospects. The more you turn your attention towards this job, the better you will be in your technical approach. The exam OA0-002 allows you to move forward in the way of better futuristic approach. There are various things that will allow you to get the things done in a better way. The Android Application Engineer Certifications Basic is to prove you to be basically better in approach and to deal with the companys products in the market. All the company related jobs are sure to go to the professionals of the field and the questions asked in the exam also relate to the better ways of dealing with things around.

The OA0-002 (Android Application Engineer Certifications Basic) proficiency test allows the students to go for the exam. Life becomes easier for the people who have appeared in this test as they are now certified by the company itself to deal with the related things around. The more you turn your attention towards this subject, the better it will be for your future. The certification is based on questions which require proper knowledge of the subject on your part to answer them properly.

Make it sure that you have properly got in touch with the subject and this will make certain that you are able to implement the things in a better way. The Android based software and hardware will be better implemented by you if you have this OA0-002 or Android Application Engineer Certifications Basic.

Android Becomes The Unanimous Cause Of Massive Transformation In The World Of Smart Phones

With the emergence of android OS for mobile devices, the corresponding manufacturing firms registered a sudden hike in their respective sales graphs with significant enhancements in their customer-bases. At the same time, various companies, providing android-based applications and development services, also landed on the cloud of mobile-phone market, transforming it into a brand new marketplace, called the Smartphone World or the Smartphone Era.

If you google for android app development India, in order to have an insight of android-based Smartphone market today, you will get to know that we have actually come too far from the age in which we have to sacrifice our needs for getting a little extra in terms of features. Today, we have various android-based applications available for free or at a cheap cost to entertain our needs, leaving behind the age of mobile phones that enabled us make voice calls and send text messages. We can now make video calls with ease, surf the Internet and retrieve required information, play heavily-graphical games, watch movies/video songs, and do a lot more other things using the Smartphone we own, once it is connected to the Internet. Therefore, we can certainly accept that we have stepped into a new world of digitization.

The companies providing android-based applications development services today are earning too much of profits, thereby getting their business enterprises grown every single day of the calendar year. At the same time, people working on various positions in these organizations, playing their respective roles are also making their ways for self-growth. However, all that matters to everyone out there is that the needs for getting a little extra are actually being fulfilled somehow, considering a consumer’s viewpoint.

In order to analyze the requirements and their corresponding availability of android-based applications, we need to think from an end user’s perspective. For instance, if you are looking for a social platform, you can go for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, or a like application. You can download Myntra, Jabong, Flipkart, or any other application if you need to shop online on your android-based Smartphone. If you feel like reading some news online, downloading TOI (Time of India) application is quite satisfactory. You can even choose and download one or more games throughout a wide range of games of multiple categories to play on your android device.

With the rapidly growing market of android app development company and smart phones manufacturing companies, the corresponding requirement for android developer engineers is also increasing in equal proportion. This is actually a superb platform for software engineers working on android platform to grow their respective career graphs and become a renowned personality. Otherwise, you can jump into the domain with some basic development skills and incorporate the required ones by putting more and more efforts.

Qr Code Integration With Android Platform

We are using ZXing (pronounced “zebra crossing”) image processing libraries to scan QR Code using Android device. The solution involves easy steps to integrate Zxing libraries with Android to direct auto scan of QR Code. We are using Android environment for development that Eclipse Java IDE.
Setp1: Acquire Zxing libray (Zxing 1.7 release bundle) from here (http://code.google.com/p/zxing/downloads/list)
Step2: Extract the zip bundle.
Step3: Create a new Android sample Project in Eclipse for QR Code Auto Scanner Test and set target to Android 2.2 SDK version.
Step4: Locate Android folder from the extracted bundle and pick CaptureActivity.java source file.
Step5: Also locate Core folder and import the source into the above sample project.
Step6: Change the package name of above CaptureActivity.java file to match the above sample project package structure.
Step7: Design a sample page with a SCAN button to add to the above sample project.
Step8: Add navigation to SCAN button click event as shown below
Intent scanner = new Intent(QRCodeAutoScannerTest.this, CaptureActivity.class); startActivity(scanner);
Step9: Change the existing manifest file to add the below filters

Step10: Also change manifest file to add the below permissions

Step11: Compile the project.
Step12: Deploy into 2.2 Android devices to test the App.

Android Games Development And Ios Game Development

Android technology is treading over the new hike and day-by-day its market share is obtaining ahead. There is immense growth within the market share with this wonderful technology as folks are adopting this technology to control on their handset device. Android additionally provides the third-party support for the development of the applications on the net for the employment of your mobile purpose. Through android development technology you’ll be able to be able to operate your task and different business method with ease and luxury. Through Android development technology you van be ready to get the wonderful work method with immense speed and you may finding this technology terribly simple to control on the online.

Gaming on the online has its own pleasure and you’ll be able to feel the amazement on the go mode anywhere ,anytime. There are such a big amount such a large amount of freaking and addictive games within the air currently. Like iPhone games development these days android games development is within the air and its obtaining rage day-by-day. Puzzle, adventurous, racing and alternative fighting games are within the huge buzz and to possess a pleasure on your smart-phone screen you would like to induce best and experienced Android games developers and programmers team in your help.

There are numerous big amount of such a lot of firms that are claiming for the most effective development service however to induce the Android game developers with immenser expertise you would like to hire from the outsourcing development companies from India. As this hiring can result you within simple and cheap hiring with skilled Android games developers and programmers at low price.

Outsourcing development corporations form India offers the superb development resolution for having the final word pleasure with gaming together with your smart-phone device. You’ll be able to hire skilled android games developers team on monthly, weekly, daily or perhaps hourly basis as you prefer them to rent as per your specific or explicit would like. Value has never been any issue as these outsourcing development companies offers the most effective low value towards the development. Therefore for the development of freaking and addictive most games development with unbelievable magneto technology you wish to contact these Indian outsourcing development firms.

All you would like to go looking for the simplest and reliable development outsourcing company and you’ll be able to simply do it by online analysis as you would like to seem for the portfolio and therefore the shoppers testimonial on the positioning. Once you undergo the testimonial and portfolio detail you”ll have right plan concerning any company. Once you discover such reliable outsourcing development company contact specialists for the more hiring.

How To Connect Huawei Usb Modem To Android Tablet

Here we take Huawei E153U Modem for Example:

If your E153 USB Modem is the carriers limited version you need to unlocked it first, or you can buy a unlocked Huawei E153U Modem directly from modem3g.com.

Steps for connecting android tablet to Huawei modem:

First, Huawei E153U Modem Unlocking

1. Plug the modem into the pc. Wait for modem auto detection and driver installation.

2. Run Teraterm Pro or Hyper Terminal, select serial then search the assigned com port for your modem (usually have two…try one).

3. Type “ATZ at u2diag ^ = 0″ then press enter. If an “OK” message is displayed then go to step 5. If no message is displayed go to step 4.

4. Restart Teraterm or hyper terminal; select the other com port assigned for the modem then repeat step 3.

5. Unplug the modem from your PC.

Second, connect Huawei E153U USB modem to android tablet

6. Plug the modem into Herotab mid 816 wait until the signal bar appears at the top task bar.

7. Go to Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Network Operators

8. It will search available 3G networks in your place. Select your specific Network operator.

9. Then Go to Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names and press menu button then select New APN

10. Configure your APN

11. Scroll down and check whether the MNC and MCC numbers are there, if not, press the menu and select the discard and repeat the steps 7-10 (for new APN).

12. Save the new APN.

13. Activate APN by selecting it (until the green circle at the right side)

14. Wait for the 3G logo at the top task bar.

15. Open your internet browser and enjoy surfing the net.

Note: when using hyper Terminal or Teraterm Pro for Huawei E153 you will experience that when you type at the text editor it seems like your Keyboard is disabled but it is not.

For the hyper terminal to see what you are typing go to file menu > Properties then on the displayed dialog go to settings tab then click ascii setup button then check the “Echo typed characters locally” and click OK.

For the Teraterm Pro: I just typed “ATZ at u2diag ^ = 0″ even it seems that the keyboard is disabled then i pressed enter then an “OK” message is displayed. Then I continued through the steps and I’ve got my Huawei E153 working.

For details about how to unlock Huawei modem you can also refer to this instruction: